The human body is a powerful machine that often just needs to be balanced to cure itself.

Not only acupuncture has the power to get rid of local pain, such as infection, headache or sore back, it also gives vitality back to the body. That includes a better sleep, a better appetite and above all, a greater serenity while staying free from drug treatment.


Antoine has first spent 7 years in television report industry. As he went on the field, he started to feel frustrated to not be able to help people in another way than talking about them through a report. He understood all the benefits we can take from acupuncture through a treatment he got after having moved to Cambodia. Then, after a careful reflection on his professional and personal path, he decided to learn acupuncture in order to help others in a way he believes wise and healthy.

Antoine has studied at the National Hospital and Institute of Acupuncture in Hanoi, Vietnam where the Professor Nguyên Tài Thu and the other doctors provided him a strong and intense training, whether theoretical and practical with adults and children patient. Everyday, about a hundred patients come to the hospital with different disorders: from tennis elbow to hemiplegia, from recurring headache to Parkinson’s disease, from insomnia to depression. Antoine has stayed and studied at the hospital until he obtained his certificate with distinction and he still goes back to the hospital several times a year to broaden his knowledge and experience.

He now has his office in Phnom Penh, inside Natural Wellness Center with Dr. Sotheara Thach and Dr. Lucas Lebeau, Osteopaths.


The Body

From headache, sore back, muscle or joint pain, hypertension, infection, digestive or respiratory disorder, to overweight and more, acupuncture is a greatly effective tool for such cases, as it will treat the source of the disorder.

The Mind

Acupuncture is a simple and powerful method to get rid of everyday worries such as stress, anxiety or overwork. It is also very efficient for insomnia, restless sleep with strong dreams, fear, grief, depression or hyperactivity. Acupuncture re-establishes the equilibrium between the body and the mind and thus, provides serenity.

Is It Painful?

Of course, it depends on the sensibility of each. There might be a subtle pain during the insertion. Acupuncture needles are ten times thinner than needles used for blood sample. At worst, one might feel like being pricked by a rose.